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Address : 343 Yokone, Kyonan, Awa-gun, Chiba 299-1906, Japan 

Facility Producer and Director : OSUGA & PARTNERS

Certified No. of Private Lodging Business : 第 M120018629 号 

Certified Private Lodging Administrator : SOZONEXT Co.,Ltd.

No. of Certified Private Lodging Administrator : 国土交通大臣 (01) 第 F00642 号  

Make for travelers to experience Japanese greats and deliciouses.

We believe the best part of traveling is experiencing the local culture. MORIKAZE is produced as a vacation home to make for travelers to experience the great (things) and delicious (foods) of the local area in Chiba and Greater Tokyo Area. 

外景 47.JPG

The Story of MORIKAZE

A 100+ years old house was being transformed to a vacation home for experiencing the local culture and a retreat for seeking new working and lifestyle.

The original 

house of MORIKAZE was being buried in bushes and almost decayed to return to nature. 

​It was built about 100+ years ago. 

It was old but could have been seen good old wisdom and workmanship in the house.  

Starting from fixing the roof, renovation works were done by many craftsmen as they were breathing new life into the old house. 

外景 42(オリジナル).jpg
外景 41(オリジナル).gif

And, it was being built by using new or modern materials to support good old parts, such as great wooden pillars and beams.

外景 38(オリジナル).gif

So, the house was rebuilt and revived.

The clean blue roof and Japanese tiled eaves looked a great modernized house with good old Japanese architecture and parts.

Still, the house was kept being further renovated to transform from a house into an attractive guest house for travelers to spend a quality time with good comfort.

The inside of the house was worked on to be more attractive and functional as shown in the before-after pictures below.



Finally, the landscaping 

works, such as wood deck, grass garden and parking space, were created, and completed for all transformation works.

Through all works done by craftsmen for this project, it could be proudly seen as a proof that modern craftsmen have firmly inherited the skills and knowledge of their predecessors. It should be the one of Japanese greats. These skills and knowledge are the asset of Japanese culture, and they should be inherited to craftsmen in the next generation. 

Name of "MORIKAZE" was an idea from my 12 years old son. He said, "felt power of trees and nice breeze from forest" when he was in the house.  

外景 51.JPG
外景 55.JPG

This is just the beginning story of MORIKAZE, so from here, we keep working for guests to have a great stay as one of the best travel experiences, and to be a platform of a new way of working and living style. 

Thank you, and looking forward to your visit.

TJ PR MORIKAZE 02 20191029.JPG

TJ Osuga

The Host of MORIKAZE

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