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Lotte Marines (Professional Baseball)

Do you like baseball? Go and see a professional baseball game in Japan. Chiba Lotte Marines is a professional baseball team in Japan Pacific League based in Chiba. There is a large parking space so that you can go there by a car. Try Japanese ballgame foods and feel the atmosphere in the stadium. It is going to be a fun and great experience for you. 

Operator : DIY

Information : Chiba Lotte Marines

Web site : (Available in Japanese only)

  • Availability : Late March - Mid Octorber

  • Restriction : None

  • Duration : 3 hours - 

  • Business Hours

    • Day game : 13:00 -

    • Night game : 18:00 - 

* The end time depends on how a game goes.​

  • Access

    • 1 Mihama, Mihama Ward, Chiba, 261-0022 (Google Maps Link)

    • If the above parking lot is full, try using Makuharimesse Parking Lot

    • 90 minutes drive from MORIKAZE by Tateyama and Higashi-Kanto Expy (Tollroad) 

  • What to bring

    • A jacket (The stadium is located near by the sea and known as having strong winds.)  

    • Wet tissue

  • Charge

    • 1,100 yen / car parking (8:30 - 23:00 max)

    • 2,700 yen / person (*Outfield reserved seat - visitor team side)

      • The price differs by seating sections and game categories. Please find out the price in the price list for your willing seat or please ask us if you need assistance. ​

  • Remarks

    • Baggage inspection will be conducted at the entrance gate for safety purpose.

    • Dangerous goods, ice boxes, cooler boxes, bottles, cans, over 500ml plastic bottles, frozen plastic bottles are not allowed to be brought into the venue.

    • Bottles, cans, etc. will be transferred to paper cups for admission.

    • May be asked to refrain from bringing food and beverages into the stand for hygienic reasons in these days.

    • Strollers cannot be brought into the stand. Please ask stadium staff to take care at the entrance gate.

    • Cannot bring in or use paper tape or confetti at the stadium.

    • Pets are not allowed to get in the stadium. (except assistance dogs for the physically disabled)​

    • Wheelchair cannot be entered into the stand except using a special seat, called "smile seat." (Please ask the stadium staff to take care it at the entrance gate.)

  • FYI : Please check the following videos for how the experience of watching Japanese Professional Baseball is. Especially, the first video "Baseball in Japan is Amazing!" is our favorite one :)

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