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Futtsu Misaki

Futtsu Misaki is a cape like sticking out to Tokyo Bay and is a great location with a panoramic view of Tokyo Bay. You can look around the Miura Peninsula, Minato Mirai in Yokohama, and central Tokyo city area. On a clear day in winter, it is a great photographic spot for Mt. Fuji.  Recommend to check the unique architecture of the observation tower, created to commemorate the Meiji 100th (100 years from the first year of Meiji era), stands at a tip of the cape. In the cape area, please stop by Futtsu Park which has facilities like a jumbo pool with water sliders, outdoor camping place, tennis courts and an even stage. 

Operator : DIY 

Web site: (Available only in Japanese) (Available only in Japanese)

  • Availability : All Seasons

  • Restriction : None

  • Duration : 0.5  hour - 

  • Business Hours

    • Open 24 hours

  • Access

    • Address : 2280 Futtsu, Chiba 293-0021

    • 50 minutes drive from MORIKAZE to Meiji Centennial observation tower in Futtsu Misaki.

    • Public parking space is available (Free. 100 cars capacity) 

  • What to bring

    • ​Flashlight (if in dark)

    • Jacket (may be windy and a chilly)

  • Remarks

    • N/A

  • Charge

    • Free

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